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Genomic Sequence

Figure 1. Location of human GRM7 gene on chromosome 3. The red box indicates the location of GRM7. (The GeneCards Human Gene Database, 2009).

As shown in Figure 1, the human GRM7 (glutamate receptor, metabotropic 7) gene is located at p26.1-p25.1 on chromosome 3 (The GeneCards Human Gene Database, 2009). To see the entire 880,291 basepair sequence of GRM7, follow the gene accession number link below (The GeneCards Human Gene Database, 2009; Entrez Gene, 2009).

Gene accession number:
NC_000003.10 (6877927..7758217)

GI number: 89161205

mRNA Sequence

Multiple transcript variants of the GRM7 gene have been found (Entrez Nucleotide, 2009). The accession number and GI number for the predominant variant, isoform a, are given below (Entrez Nucleotide, 2009). To see the entire 4,021 basepair sequence of this particular GRM7 mRNA, follow the gene accession number link (Entrez Nucleotide, 2009).

Gene accession number: NM_000844.2
GI number: 32528271


Figure 1. Photomicrograph showing GRM7 mRNA ditribution in a rat brain coronal section. (From Figure 1 of Simonyi, et al., 2004).



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